What is the Online version of the FamBridge Document?


The FamBridge Online Document ®

The Online document is in a question and answer format where we have endeavored to cover as many aspects of our daily living as possible.

Purchase and receive your document and your on your way to having a full account of your personal administration. All saved in one place either on your computer or a USB for use in the future.

The online document initially allows you 1 months access to complete and then you can purchase for a small amount yearly 12 months access where you can go in and out and change and update info at your leisure.

When purchasing the FamBridge Membership you will receive your FamBridge USB. This USB is designed with our logo, you should show your executor or trusted family member where your information is saved.

Would your family know all your account information?

How often do we hear, my partner wouldn't have a clue where all our accounts are held if something happened to me?

This is one of our reasons for creating the portfolio of questions to help people with the organisation of life's admin.

It is quick and easy to complete and within various sections you can input as much data as you like as there are no limited restrictions.

A few of the sections within the book, just complete the questions applicable to your circumstances:

  • Very detailed and comprehensive list of questions
  • Personal information, utility suppliers, insurances and organisations.
  • Banking, Centrelink & pensions, DVA & overseas pensions, tax agent or accountant, lawyer, financial planner, superannuation, insurance company’s etc.
  • You might have a portfolio of investments, holiday or rental properties, self-managed super fund, motor vehicles, caravan and so much more.
  • Accounts with direct debits.
  • Maybe you have a favourite song or flowers you would like for your funeral. A full section of questions you can answer at your leisure.
  • Give peace of mind the answered question provides contact details and therefore made easy for family to work with.

Life has become much more complex these days, so our questions allow you to answer each section at your own pace. 

Attachments: There is the ability to browse and upload and save copies of valuable documents such as:

  • birth and marriage certificates
  • copies of accounts such as private health and ambulance cover
  • divorce decree
  • council and water rates on properties
  • direct debit accounts
  • family medical history
  • family war and medal history
  • the list is endless and even a few family photos if you wish

Completing and storing vital information will take less time than you might think.

It is your life therefore easy to compile your details, save to your computer, or USB. No need to print each time you make a change just keep saving over the original document.

FamBridge bridges the gap and provides the roadmap for family.

Your Will does not generally include all the finer details of everyday living, the portfolio will cover the accounts and wishes you have.

We often think we will let the family know our details, or we may have a few things written down, but accidents and sudden illness may prevent us from passing on all the information they will require.

Executors & Powers of Attorney/Family care givers:

  • The information contained in your document will allow the person responsible to carry out their duties and your wishes with much more ease than having to spend days and weeks or sometimes months and years tracking down your assets and liabilities, sorting and closing off accounts and direct debits.

It is a difficult time to have a loved one lose capacity and unable to look after themselves or when they pass away but to then have to turn around and gather up and work through all the accumulated paperwork to make sense of your life or worse still being locked out of online accounts and possibly no records because they are unable to access a device or your email account where you receive your online bills.

We strive to help lessen the burden families feel at a time of turmoil.

The FamBridge ® document is an invaluable tool in Estate management.


Contact us if you have any queries.