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Finally, a product to help with life’s admin when families are in turmoil and heartache after a sudden accident, lost capacity or when a loved one passes away. FamBridge preparedness portfolio gives the individual comfort and peace of mind that their affairs will be relatively straightforward to sort out. A Will does not cover everyday living.

Our new Aussie business aims to make it easy, thanks to a log that keeps vital information in one place. Made easy with questions and prompts for you to answer. Proudly Australian owned and printed.

We are so pleased we are able to help alleviate worry and be the bridge assisting your loved ones to locate everything they need during the most difficult of times.

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Click through to the cart and the discount for your FamBridge Portfolio will calculate at checkout. Normally $89.90 each Seniors $76.42 each.

The reality of life is that illnesses and accidents can strike at any time. While we might have information in our head what if a crisis happens and you were no longer able to supply the answers? Complete the FamBridge portfolio for your family to make sense of a lifetime of paperwork – online and offline –

We have multiple bank accounts, properties, vehicles and maybe some investments. We have agreements with telephone companies, utility suppliers, councils and all manner of service providers that direct debit our accounts each month. Possibly some online accounts as well, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One conversation alleviating worry for many.

Kerryn Powell, recently purchased her second Fambridge book.  When I asked her, what happened to the first book, she shared that she had given it away.

“I caught up with a friend for lunch who spoke about her concerns that if anything happened to her partner, she did not have full knowledge of everything in the household. Even though her husband had told her “he has everything under control”, she feared that things were written here and there and what if something happened to her husband, it could be an extra stress to deal with.”

A month on, Kerryn caught up with her friend, who was just so thankful that she had finally written everything down using the comprehensive list of questions in the book and has it stored not only for her use but for her family in the future. Her relief was so evident to Kerryn.

Not only did Kerryn need to purchase another book for herself, but her friend referred a friend who made a purchase for the same purpose.

The FamBridge Preparedness Portfolio is the brainchild of Trish Murrell, who is based in the Riverina on the NSW-Victorian border.

“The idea had been in my head for a number of years – if only just to help my adult children, but then we lost some family members who were in their 60’s and this is when I realised I needed to put FamBridge into print to help others through all the uncertainty when someone passes away.”

It will guide you through all aspects of daily life that need recording. Once complete, store securely, advise your Lawyer or the Executors of your Will of its existence.

“We understand what will be in front of families one day and the emotional state they feel.”

Trish is happy to discuss aspects of the logistical issues that can arise and how to use the FamBridge portfolio its importance to you “now” and your family in the “future”.

Trish can be contacted through or

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