What is included in my preparedness book purchase?

  1. FamBridge® Booklet
  2. Presentation Folder (to protect your book and documents you may wish to include)
  3. Pen (Gunmetal Grey)
  4. Pencil (Blue)
  5. Eraser
  6. Letter “To My Loved Ones” (or you may wish to write your own)
Am I able to purchase this as a gift for a loved one? 

Yes, just mark product as a gift during purchase.

What is included in the book?

Easy to complete customised questions for life administration for Australian individuals. Beautifully presented book with 52 pages where you can complete applicable questions to your circumstances.

Do you store my credit card details? 

No. We do not store any credit card information.

Security of my information?

Once completed store your book securely with your important documents or in a safe.

What happens if FamBridge updates the document?

FamBridge reserves the right to update and produce a new version of the FamBridge Portfolio at any time.

How do I get notified of any updates?

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Subscribe to our newsletter via the website.

Who should I advise that I have prepared this document?

Your trusted family member, executor, power of attorney or lawyer. In case of emergency or on passing away it is advised that someone knows of your portfolio. A discussion with family is a good way for them to know you are organised.

How much information can I put into my document?

The preparedness book is limited to writing space and we have included blank lined pages for further information.

Throughout the sections you can insert relevant copies of documents such as birth certificates, family members death certificates, divorce documents.

Am I able to contact you to discuss the portfolio if I get stuck?

Yes, we will help you through completing your document or queries you may have. Contact us on 0497 613 433 Monday to Friday between office hours 9am – 5pm or message us via email info@fambridge.com.au anytime 7 days per week.

How long does it take to complete the document?

The book is at your leisure no time limit.

What will I need to complete the document?

Personal information, utility and service provider information. The questions are self-explanatory, but you may need to check your documents to complete the details.

Can I update my information at anytime?

For the book we suggest using the pencil where you may have a change of provider or motor vehicle etc and wish to update.