• A question family ask “where is everything and where do we start” – FamBridge is the bridge that fills the gap on the roadmap of life!

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Customised questions regarding life's personal management.

The FamBridge ® preparedness portfolio is designed for everyday Australians.
Consisting of 52 pages of customised questions regarding our life’s administration.

The big question family may have - “where is everything and where do we start”?

The book has been created with family in mind and to bridge the gap of administration documentation, everything in the one place, peace of mind for all. The time it can take to gather all the correct information and the costs involved can escalate. It's emotionally and physically draining some days.

We may think we are organised, it all makes sense to ourselves because it’s our life but to family or executors and lawyers it’s a puzzle and maze that needs to be put together and time can be crucial.

A fantastic addition to your estate planning along with your Will.

Do you receive a lot of accounts online and therefore no paper trail?

Document it all using the questions and prompts throughout the portfolio, made easy to answer as it is all about you and your life.

A Will does not cover everyday living, the portfolio will assist those dealing with your personal matters. A great resource for you now and family in the future.

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Received my FamBridge documentation

So comprehensive & will help my family
deal with matters that otherwise they would have no clue - passwords;
direct debits; medical power of attorney; funeral wishes etc etc etc.

Too late having it in your will after you’ve had your funeral.

Can’t recommend enough!

Debbie Williamson

FamBridge offers you the ability to secure all information in one convenient document

Ruby Roorda - Lawyer

Finally a simple solution for my family to sort out all my affairs

Peter Lykissas

Brilliant - Just what we needed to help stay on top of Mums affairs

Sophie Walsh

What a great idea. I think this is fantastic and hope it helps many people to lessen their worries about being overloaded with paperwork.

Well done FamBridge

Theresa Deluca