My reflection on a debilitating illness:-

Long term illness can have a detrimental effect on not only yourself but your family.

Personally, I have had this happen in the past year where my Partner become ill and within no time, we ended up in a very long journey of hospital treatments, admissions and transplants. He spent over a year in and out of hospital, with not a lot of memory of time and the months slipping by.

There were moments in time that I didn’t know if he would make it through and being alone most of the time due to his lack of immune system and Covid we could not allow family or friends into our bubble.

It is amazing how much you miss those who are your rocks in everyday living, and grandchildren who are dealing with the fact you’re not close by and then not being able to visit and worry that something may happen to you. It is very emotional and upsetting.

He had no ability to take care of his personal life and paying his bills on time. He went months without looking at his phone let alone check his emails for account reminders. He was unable to ensure that he had enough funds each week in his bank account to take care of the direct debits and he was in no position to make transfers or attend to any type of administration.

We were lucky we were able to get ready for his long hospital stay and recouperation period and this allowed him to complete his FamBridge ® document so I could maintain this important part of his life in his absence.

I was able to ensure all his accounts were paid on time and nothing missed.

One of the most important of accounts was his Ambulance Subscription which came due for renewal. Very lucky as it was something we had to use numerous times throughout the year and if that had been missed and not paid, we would have had enormous bills to pay. Luckily, he had this documented so I could keep an eye out for the renewal notice.

We seem to receive our accounts in so many various ways now, email, phone reminders, paper form just too many variations that can so easily be missed at a time when you are at your most vulnerable and your mind is not with it.

Not always do we have warning of what’s ahead and that is why so many happy customers of FamBridge ® have purchased and completed their book knowing they have covered off on all the important stuff that otherwise would become a mess for someone else to try and fathom out.

Become organised grab a copy of the FamBridge ® family preparedness book not only for yourself but other loved family members.

The minute you start work, have a bank account, mobile phone, superannuation you start to build your own unique life’s administration. Cover off on it, document it and update when required. Once a family is onboard and then mature age there is even more reason to set out your information all in one convenient easy to complete book for future reference.

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