Closing a lifetime of accounts!

Closing a lifetime of accounts!

What would your family do if you did not have a Will in place upon your death? Or You may think having a Will is all you need and that will take care of everything.

That is not the case as closing a lifetime of accounts can take months sometimes years and needs to be actioned by your Executor and or Lawyer.

It is all the bank accounts, investments, superannuation, utility suppliers, other account suppliers, memberships, subscriptions the list can be endless. All the accounts need to be settled so everything in your name is taken care of. Check out our solution to make closing those accounts so much easier.

Would your family know all your friends, work colleagues or the pin or password to your phone or computer to find their details to advise them of what has happened to you. The location of your certificates such as marriage, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, naturalization certificates, birth and maybe other family death certificates. Maybe you have an overseas pension, who should be contacted regarding this?

We go about our daily activities not giving much thought to the amount of time it would take if something untoward was to happen. A spouse or partner or family member needs to undertake the sorting and cancelling of all the accounts held in your name. A BIG job made somewhat easier by completing the FamBridge booklet.

Do you think you're too young that this does not matter to you right now? Sadly, just watching the daily news or talking to friends, show us that sudden illness, accidents and lost capacity are a daily occurrence and can affect any one of us at any given moment. Your family matters, therefore, from the time you begin to have assets and liabilities, you also need to have the information documented in one place. The FamBridge preparedness portfolio offers you the solution to be easily prepared by keeping everything in one place alongside those important papers.

You might have a family favourite recipe that you can write down and keep with your book and documents. Letters to loved ones, we may find it difficult to tell people how much they are loved, and a letter left behind can be of great comfort. Look around your home and see how many belongings you have, these all need to be taken care of one day, distributed amongst family or friends. Making those decisions now and jotting them down can take a real-life ordeal off the shoulders of loved ones sorting your beloved items.

Settling your affairs is an absolute must, and in some cases, if not actioned quickly especially on direct debit accounts money can be eaten up very quickly and not able to be retrieved by your family or executor.

Don't leave doubt, leave the right information needed for peace of mind.

Contact us for any queries you might have about the contents of the FamBridge booklet. We are here to help you have that peace of mind and your family will be amazed at how organised you are.

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