Critical matters outside of a Will!

Do not underestimate what is involved in your own life administration. The FamBridge ® preparedness portfolio is a real potential time saver for your Power of Attorney to get stuck right in and look after your affairs if a sudden accident occurred or just simply getting older and need a helping hand. It will then be used by your Executor or Lawyer who will need all your information to administer your estate.

The FamBridge® portfolio can be relied upon once you have completed the built-in questions as the portfolio will contain your required information for all the critical matters outside of your Will.

To finalise an estate may take years especially if people have no beginning.

Most families are not familiar with what needs to be taken care of and it is a real eye opener when the moment in time comes.

The FamBridge ® portfolio was created to give the confidence to you knowing you are organised and your family realising you have documented as much as you can to help them effectively finalise all the provider accounts you have.

No matter our age life planning should be at the forefront of our thoughts, should there be an accident or illness that does not allow us to take care of our own responsibilities.

At what age should you start to consider your estate management? Most people think it is not a priority until much older in life but in truth this is not the case.

From the time of our first job aged over 18 is the time when we should begin to think about our future. Not only do we work but we need to plan. Generally, it is one of the last things a young adult thinks about.

How much life has changed over the past 20 odd years?

An 18-year-old back in the 90’s didn’t have mobile phones, tablets, laptops or streaming accounts. Technology has moved us along so fast in a very short 20 something years with everyone owning at least one phone, and other devices. Possibly several streaming accounts, bank accounts, a car loan and buy now pay later accounts.

These changes impact daily life and there are more responsibilities placed on the under 30’s than ever.

A misconception is only old people need to worry about an estate plan, this is not true. From the moment you begin working you begin to build your own estate. This grows rapidly with a few small assets and a car then home and furniture, marriage and children increase the reasons to have a plan in place.

Protect not only your private affairs you need to think about protecting your family by having your personal information logged in one place when it might be needed.

Life is hectic, and any free time is simply spent enjoying family life. We don’t think about dying or lost capacity (and its certainly not a priority when younger), but if working for your young family is crucial to you during your life, then it is also essential to have a strategy in place for your family in case the ‘what if’s’ come to fruition.

Make FamBridge® family preparedness part of your plan.

In various states and territories in Australia there can be differing laws and legislation's regarding estates, wills, and financial matters but one thing is for sure FamBridge® can be relied upon wherever you live once completed to contain the information required for matters outside of a Will.

It is a personal preference, but it can be a good idea to discuss your personal circumstances with a professional when it comes to financial advice, preparing a will and your executors and powers of attorney and to ensure your superannuation and important documents are always kept up to date.

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