Do you have a young family?

Do you have a young family? What if a sudden accident occurred leaving you incapacitated or worse still you died?

Think about how you or your partner would cope with such a tragedy. It is a reality it happens every day. Sickness or an accident can strike at any time. We see it on the news and sympathize with the families involved.

Think about this- what if that were us, how would my family carry on with the day-to-day activities of paying the bills, knowing all the passwords, who all the providers are?

We take out life insurances or income protection to help with the loss of an income, so by purchasing the FamBridge Portfolio it is another type of insurance called peace of mind.

Just think about what information might be needed to start to pick up the pieces.

The FamBridge family preparedness portfolio includes the critical questions for you to answer so your partner or family member will know where to begin. It covers so many aspects of your everyday life it simplifies life moving forward as the answers are there and takes away possible doubt of – What have I missed?

In many families there is one person who tends to look after the joint bills and accounts. Do lots of your bills come online, would your partner know where to start to look for these accounts?

Is this YOU can you relate to this?

In saying that, each of the adults in the household also have personal accounts such as phone and a bank account, a laptop or other device which the other person may not have a lot of detail about such as passwords. We take so much for granted these days as it has become part of everyday life to own so many electronic devices. Netflix or other streaming accounts do you know the password, whose name is it set up under?

You may not think twice about going out for dinner and spending the money for a lovely family night out. Spending money on the security of peace of mind that lasts a lifetime is money well spent.

Do not hesitate, think about how much benefit the FamBridge Family Preparedness Portfolio can bring to your family at any given time along the journey of life.

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