Fire,floods and catastrophic events

What happens if a catastrophe occurs? Where are all your important papers?

What would you do if you need to evacuate your property in the event of fire or flood?

When you are in a spin about how to deal with everything at short notice your mind will be racing. This is where having your FamBridge portfolio completed you only need to have it stored with your vital papers, grab it, and go.

You may not have time to go through drawers and filing cabinets so by completing your preparedness portfolio booklet and it is always ready at your fingertips.

It would be devastating to lose everything in a fire or flood but in Australia we know only too well this is a reality.

By purchasing and completing your FamBridge booklet you will have all your information stored for ease of grabbing your book and dashing out.

Save a lot of heartache and time if you were to lose your belongings, having all your information at hand is much easier than trying to think and recreate. Having all your contact details will help you deal with all your accounts without having to think about where everything is. Even though you may have lost your paperwork you will always have all your details in one easy to complete and use booklet.

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