Now is the time to speak with family!

Now is the time to speak with family!

FamBridge® Preparedness Portfolio holds the answers for your family when it is most needed. The book is set out in a questions style format for you as the preparer to complete regarding all your personal information for family to use in the case of sudden accident, lost capacity or death.

Once completed your portfolio will hold the critical information required all in one place rather than on all those invoices tucked in drawers and cabinets. And even more importantly those online accounts where there is no paper trail.

By completing the questions provided in the book your power of attorney, executor or lawyer will have the required information at their fingertips to undertake the cancelling of all those direct debits and closing of accounts that are vital and to be able to look after your affairs for you or wind up an estate.

Without knowledge of where you might have all your accounts held how can they deal them?

The portfolio book is comprehensive in its easy to answer questions, we supply them you answer them, it covers so many areas of life that are not included in a Will.

Take a minute to think about all the accounts you have. Utilities, banks, streaming, phones and devices. Wishes you might have for your funeral. Medical information, pets, military, business, buy now pay later accounts and so on. The list is endless life has changed so much in today’s world and at an overwhelming pace.

Do not leave your family wondering, give them the gift of your knowledge written by you along with other wishes you may have.

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking and distressing. In the heaviness of your anguish, you still must deal with the logistics, coordinating arrangements, dealing with family and friends, sorting through numerous drawers of paperwork and online documents. Can the family access your phone and the computer and emails, passwords are the biggest drawback for families?

Are there life insurances, funeral insurance, superannuation and death benefits. Where are these held would your family know. With all this information held in your Fambridge ® Preparedness Portfolio the answers are there.

It is time to have those conversations we know are so difficult but it can also be reassuring to know you have spoken to your parents or parents you have spoken to your adult children about what might happen when your no longer able to continue your own care or if you passed away especially suddenly leaving a gap not only in the lives of your beloved family but also in your life's admin.

Easy online purchase or message Trish to have a chat about the contents of the book and how it can help you and your family.

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