Have you thought of a Pet Care Trust? 

If you were to have an accident and you were unable to care for your animals or if you were to pass away unexpectedly you might like to think about what would happen to your pet’s and who would care for them.

Unfortunately, many pets in this scenario end up being euthanised or homeless.

We can refer you to a specialist in this area who will walk you through setting up a Trust for your beloved animals. A Pet Care Trust can be included in your Will, it appoints a guardian (and backup) plus a cash amount to be held on Trust and used to pay for the pet’s care. It also includes a list of items the money should be used for (e.g. food, bedding, insurance, vet, allied health care, equipment, toys, boarding, cremation etc). There can also be a provision made for any money left over when your pet’s pass away. The terms of this type of Trust are flexible and allows you to ensure your pets are cared for as you would have.

Contact us today via our website and we can refer you to a specialist in this field who will guide you through the process and is very passionate about animals and this type of Trust in particular.

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