The FamBridge Story:

Life is fragile and we just never know when an accident may happen, or we lose the capacity to look after ourselves or in the event of passing away.

Don't leave a burden of decision making on your family.

The FamBridge preparedness booklet is the solution!

The concept of the preparedness portfolio was founded in my mind around 20 years ago. I wrote some information down for my adult children in case anything untoward happened to me. After we lost some family members quite suddenly in recent years, I realised the extent of the complexity of life and what needed to be taken care of, my idea began to grow and became a reality in 2020 with the support of my family.

The family we lost were in their 60’s and 70’s and unfortunately, there was no starting point for the accounts they held in their names. We had to piece together bit by bit and spend many hours going through all the paperwork the old and faded and the most recent, just to make sense of their life. The process of winding up their estates I found to be very draining, time-consuming and the uncertainty of not knowing if everything had been accounted for at a very traumatic time.

Our name: Fam is for family, Bridge is for the many crossings we have with our young families, along many roads travelled as we grow older together. We do finally come to our last bridge, let us make crossing it a little easier for “our loved ones”.

At FamBridge we like to encourage families to discuss this subject more, not be afraid, use our comprehensive book to document as much as you can for them as losing someone, we love so dearly either suddenly or slowly over time can leave many unanswered questions and often leaving families feeling a little lost.

Your Will does not cover your everyday living!

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