Where to start when the time comes?

Where to start when the time comes?

Do you often think about what will happen if you were to fall ill or pass away? How will your family sort out your affairs?

FamBridge ® has solved this for you. In our FamBridge Portfolio, we provide the questions, you provide the answers, and your family will have the starting point when they do not have the strength to think about initial matters to be taken care of. Your loved ones are dealing with and trying to cope with their immense grief, and this is certainly not the time that they want to sit down and go through papers in desk drawers or filing cabinets to find information.

20 years ago, we did not have the buy now pay later schemes, it was just a layby system, how times have changed today we might have multiple accounts. 

We did not have Netflix or Stan or the many other TV streaming programs available they are all on direct debit. These all need to be shut down and family need the details to do this otherwise those amounts are coming out of bank accounts each month unnecessarily.

We are proud to be a registered provider for Seniors and we pride ourselves on our Australian product being there to give comfort to people in one of the most devastating times in life. To be able to allow your executor to have access to the main information to begin sorting and shutting down accounts is undeniably of benefit.

To purchase your copy for a 15% discount, use the word SENIORS in the Discount Code box at checkout and the discount will calculate as you click through. Normally $89.90 each Seniors $76.42 each. https://www.fambridge.com.au/discount/SENIORS  

Even though we might jot a few things down or tell our family bits n pieces we certainly do not cover as much as you can by completing the FamBridge portfolio of questions.

Just a few of those jobs that will need to be taken care of:-

  •  Notifying utility suppliers and organisations.
  • Contacting Banks, Centrelink, Accountant, Lawyer, Financial Planner, Insurance Company’s etc.
  • You might have a portfolio of investments, motor vehicles, caravan and so much more.
  • You might be part of a business enterprise.
  • Closing accounts and ensuring direct debits are stopped.
  • Pay outstanding bills – all the different providers made easy to check off in the FamBridge portfolio.
  • Maybe you have a favourite song or flowers you would like for your funeral. A full section of questions you can answer at your leisure.

These are just a few of the items throughout the book, which will guide you through the aspects of daily life that need recording. Once complete, store securely, advise your Lawyer or the Executors of your Will of its existence.

The reality of life is that illnesses and accidents can strike at any time. While we might have information in our head what if a crisis happens and you were no longer able to supply the answers? A Will does not cover everyday living.

Trish is happy to discuss aspects of the logistical issues that can arise and how to use the FamBridge portfolio its importance to you “now” and your family in the “future”.

The idea had been in my head for many years – if only just to help my adult children, but then we lost some family members who were in their 60’s and this is when I realised I needed to put FamBridge into print to help others through all the uncertainty when someone passes away.”

Trish can be contacted through www.fambridge.com.au or by emailing info@fambridge.com.au.

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