Secure your personal information for your family by storing the completed portfolio in a location that only those granted access will know.

FamBridge has produced this book to relieve you of constant thoughts about being organised. What might happen when you are unable to care for yourself or pass away. Have all your information in one place.

Your family will be able to act quickly if an event were to occur. To be able to take care of your affairs without having to sort through papers with many possibly being out of date and taking up precious time all your information is contained in one place.

What happens if a catastrophe occurs? Where are all your important papers?

What would you do if you need to evacuate your property in the event of fire or flood? When you are in a spin about how to deal with everything at short notice your mind will be racing. Give yourself the secure feeling by having your FamBridge portfolio completed you only need to have it stored with your vital papers, grab it, and go.

It is an extra layer of assistance that allows comfort in the knowledge of being prepared if something were to happen unexpectedly.

Once completed the document should be securely stored in a safe location for your reference to update if required, or in the event your trusted family member, executor or power of attorney may need to access on your behalf.