Be Ready: Anything can happen at any time!

Be Ready: Anything can happen at any time!

Do you feel your personal accounts are in chaos, bring everything together in the one place? Your family will be so relieved to know you are prepared.

All the vital, useful and personal wishes in the one spot. A resource for yourself to stay on top of your accounts, avoid confusion for your family as you may have changed a provider and there is no evidence, therefore, no knowledge. Online activity can also leave your family at a loss as to where you hold accounts or how can they close them without knowing they exist.

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to ensure that everything is closed or settled if you are unable to look after your own affairs or passed away. It’s not always automatic we need to physically cancel or update accounts and your power of attorney or executor need all the information to stay on track.

Complete your FamBridge booklet and your family will be so grateful.

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