The FamBridge Booklet

The FamBridge booklet consists of 52 pages of questions and prompts regarding the personal information we deal with in our daily lives.

We have created a comprehensive preparedness portfolio only you can answer, your personal information, your children, your parents and siblings, medical history, accounts such as utilities, devices, streaming services, military history, your pets and so much more.

In our busy lives we have accumulated more and more accounts needing to be attended to if something unexpected were to happen.

Also, with so much activity being undertaken on-line we definitely have less and less of a paper trail for others to search through.

Our day to day functioning has become very busy and we have so many direct debits from our bank accounts and credit cards we don't often think about them as they can be just an ongoing cost for a service. In this personal portfolio all the information will indeed be a major asset in managing your accounts, or winding up an estate. This document will assist alongside your will and lawyers estate management.

FamBridge came about after we lost some family members quite suddenly. These family members we're in their 60s and 70s not married and certainly not organised with all of their accounts. This led us to thinking about how we can help with the burden that can be left behind for adult children and families and friends to deal with.

Contact us at or call 0497 613 433 for further information.

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