It can all be there at a glance!

Take away the urgency of working through piles of papers in the first instance. A completed FamBridge preparedness portfolio booklet will make it much easier - It can all be there at a glance! 

The FamBridge Booklet is available @ by completing the relevant sections in the booklet, it enables family and powers of attorney to actively continue the running of your life in the case of a sudden accident or lost capacity. Bills still require payment even if we are sick and are unable to undertake our daily activities, or there may be a need to contact a supplier to update details or discontinue a service. To have all the contact details of all your suppliers in one place is a terrific way to have everything in order.

In the event of passing away your executor and lawyer will at a glance be able to ascertain the accounts held in your name as this crucial information is required to be taken care of to wind up your personal accounts. Avoid your loved ones having to tackle drawers and filing cabinets full of paperwork in the first instance or worse still no paper trail because the bills are received and paid online and therefore may not be accounted for.

To know the bank or banks you are with, contact details regarding investments you may have, your utility providers, all your memberships and subscriptions, digital devices, streaming accounts, motor vehicles, caravan and trailers and the list just goes on and on. The FamBridge Booklet becomes your personal orangiser you can keep up to date with any changes you make and then it becomes the tool and assistant to your family to take care of your accounts on your behalf when required.

It is an absolute time saver, money saver and relief to have this beautifully presented booklet with your wishes and information all detailed out, all in one place, easy to find where accounts are held, easy to use and assist those who need to know.

You might have specific thoughts or requests regarding your funeral or a favourite song, document everything in your FamBridge Booklet and this will relieve family because you have described what you would like, or you may even have paid your funeral in advance and those details are also documented.

Sometimes in family’s medical issues may arise, you can document your own medical information and those of other family members which can be used for future reference if something critical comes about with a loved one. Often doctors will ask about family history.

You possibly have lots of old photos (and now with digital online photos) that the family have not seen in a while or never before, it’s a shame to have these lost or destroyed, maybe you have a family member who would love to take care of these for you, you can name the item and the person in your booklet. Your Will does not have all your everyday items in it so when family must make decisions it is much easier if you have documented specific items to be given to a specific person. It takes away anxious moments for families.

There is so much inside the booklet for us to try and describe so contact us through our website and we can step you through the booklet. We wish to support you and are only too happy to give you a call back to discuss the FamBridge Booklet in further detail.

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