Lost capacity or loss of a loved one

Lost capacity or loss of a loved one. 

Navigating through the process to take over the care of a loved one and their daily life can come about by a sudden accident, slow deterioration to old age, dementia or a stroke.

As an adult do you feel the responsibility to be super organised but not sure where to start?  Fambridge offers you the solution to leave your family with your completely organised list of accounts and family details all documented and stored in one place.

Or sadly in the event of death, your completed booklet will assist in finalising your final wishes and winding up your estate and be a valuable resource for your executor and lawyer.

The FamBridge booklet will help relieve some of the pain and grief that is felt when your family is expected to manage the issues.

Our road map allows for you to describe and give the understanding of your life to your loved ones of your wishes, your assets individual or jointly owned, accounts and online accounts and so much more. Your carer or executor will be amazed at the amount of time saved having a completed FamBridge booklet to assist them in a process that can be daunting and arduous to those who have not had to deal with such matters before.

Contact us for all your queries and have a confidential conversation regarding your situation @ fambridge.com.au



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