Travelling and leaving home for an extended holiday

Even though we are not travelling overseas at the moment we are still dreaming of that big trip.

Are you rolling out the caravan and starting an adventure?  Let FamBridge ® help with the home admin before you take off.

While we are in Covid lock-downs there are still plenty of us travelling within our home states and anticipating borders will open so we can continue on our long-awaited journey.

Now, taking that trip is super exciting but everything at home still needs to tick along. No matter how organised you are sometimes life’s adventures can go a bit off track. A lengthy breakdown, sickness, accident or worse still end up in hospital.

By completing the Fambridge ® portfolio and taking it with you in case you need to contact some of your providers and being hundreds or thousands of k’s from home and stuck, there is nothing more comforting than knowing you are travelling with an easy to store book. “We can’t take the filing cabinet with us”! Or leave it at home and let the family know you have everything sorted if they need to step in for you. Your trusted family member can check your portfolio and send you the required information you need or deal with other matters as they arise.

Do not hesitate to cover your life’s administration get your FamBridge ®document happening today and leave home knowing you have covered everything off with the kids.

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