What is around the next corner in life!

Every day the dice is rolled for us and we just never know what is around the corner. That accident that rips families apart leaving devastation in its wake, with either lost capacity or death. An elderly relative losing the capacity to look after themselves or just having those forgetful moments.

This can happen to any of us at any time. No warning is tragic and those left to pick up the pieces can suffer more than we would ever want them to.

Chat to parents and family members have them complete a FamBridge portfolio, see to it that you have also undertaken your own copy this will give your power of attorney or executor access to the required information.

Not only have I lost family suddenly and been left to fathom out where to start with their affairs, just in the past two weeks my own partner woke up with double vision in his eyes and is unable to drive or see properly to do things for himself. Also, he is currently not able to work.

This has left us a bit shaken as to what is ahead of him in the future and we are currently awaiting tests and outcomes. I only said to him yesterday, thankfully you have completed your FamBridge portfolio as off the top of my head I do not know all his log in details for his Netflix, Paypal, Afterpay, eBay and so many other sundry accounts. At least with his book completed if anything untoward was to happen and we have Power of Attorney in place, I can take care of his personal affairs and I can access and close accounts to stop all the direct debits coming out of his bank accounts.

Money can be quickly drained and the likely hood there is no recourse to get a refund back. So, it is wise to be able to suspend an account if its not being used for a period of time or cancel it if required. That way it is a savings on multiple accounts that attract direct debits especially at a time when he has no income.

Contact us today @ www.fambridge.com.au to find out more as to how the portfolio book can help you and your loved ones.


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